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Apple’s Classic Media Player

QuickTime is a multimedia application developed by Apple that is capable of handling various formats of digital video, picture, sound, panoramic images, and interactivity. It’s basically a video player but with more functionality than most because it can act as a video editor, as well. It’s a default program in Mac computers, but support and development had been stopped for Windows since 2016.

Can You Play It?

As Apple’s default movie player for Macs, QuickTime is compatible with any videos you’ve purchased from iTunes or Apple TV, and it’s also optimized to run for Macs. It features an advanced video compression technology called H.264 to deliver brilliant, crisp HD video using less bandwidth and storage, so many have favored its quality for years. However, despite its compatibility with its base device, QuickTime has less audio and video format support than other video players—most of which, happen to be open-source and can run on any operating system. QuickTime can still play these unsupported formats, but you’d need to download and install the appropriate codecs for them even then, some technical issues might pop up when doing so. QuickTime lacks the powerful format support most other players have, like VLC Media Player, for example. VLC can easily play any media file and won’t require you to scour the internet for anything to help it run. QuickTime can, however, encode and transcode your digital files to other formats directly—but it can’t compete with how convenient the other players’ performance can be.

Versatile and Bold

Most people know QuickTime best for its multifunctionality, especially when you switch to the paid Pro version. Videos aren’t only what you can use with it—QuickTime can work with any kind of media file you have. It can become a video editor, as well, and you can customize your videos by trimming, rotating, splitting, or combining several video clips. Other popular features include the ability to record what’s happening on your screen, stream live videos using QuickTime Broadcaster, and even upload your videos directly to social networking and video sharing websites, like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. Plus, there are several plug-ins that can give you more cool options in QuickTime. However, this is only great when you own a Mac. QuickTime is no longer being supported for Windows and the lack of updates and fixes completely drag it down the bottom of the pile for the best media players you can use for Microsoft devices.

Only in Apple

QuickTime has been a great media player for years, no doubt about that. Back then, people would prefer it to other players because of all the unique features it had. Apple still has it installed with their latest operating systems and only keeps on improving it. Unfortunately, while it’s an amazing and must-use application for Mac users, non-Mac users can’t enjoy it anymore—especially when there are other choices that beat it with greater performance and a wider range of formats they can run. It doesn’t help that for Windows, the multiple bugs left in the program when Apple stopped support can actually leave Windows computers vulnerable to hacking and viruses.

The new QuickTime 7 Player not only delivers startling quality, but it's easier to use than ever. It requires no set up for content that streams over the network. Instead, QuickTime 7 Player automatically determines your system's connection speed and chooses the highest quality stream for the amount of bandwidth you have available. And if you ever lose a connection while watching streaming video, QuickTime 7 Player automatically reconnects. Now, that's convenience.

Do you think great video deserves great audio? We do, too. And QuickTime 7 Player delivers truly outstanding multi-channel audio. In fact, it provides you with up to 24 channels of audio, turning your home office into a home theater. Pop in a movie or video game that features surround sound and prepare to be amazed at the heightened audio experience you'll enjoy on your computer equipped with surround-sound speakers. A really good sport, QuickTime 7 Player supports a wide-range of industry-standard audio formats, including AIFF, WAV, MOV, MP4 (AAC only) and AAC/ADTS.


  • Can stream live
  • Direct upload to social networks
  • High-quality videos
  • Flexible video editor


  • Limited format support
  • Third-party codecs required
  • Limited functionality
  • Security issues


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User reviews about QuickTime

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  • Pops Mohamed

    by Pops Mohamed

    It's the best player out there! I use it all the time and I would recommend anyone to switch over to Quicktime.

  • anya sachan

    by anya sachan

    better screen recording,non stop fast recording,if i want full screen recording then i can do

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    It's not working on Windows7.
    When I already downloaded it to use, it says that apple is not compatible with Windows7 Pros: PitchMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Not useful and needs another application.
    The fact that nothing can be seen or that one needs Apple Application Support makes it More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Good Plugin But Better Media Player Available.
    If your one who uses iTunes then you have Quicktime installed on your computer. ThMore

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