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Apple's media player for MOV files

QuickTime is Apple's own proprietory video format and QuickTime player is the official player for it.As you would expect from an Apple product, Quicktime is extremely slick to use to the point of sometimes "hiding" features that you would expect...
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  • by Anonymous

    It's not working on Windows7. When I already downloaded it to use, it says that apple is not compatible with Windows7. Pros: Pitch Adjusting. Cons: It needs to be compatible with Windoes 7

  • by Anonymous

    Not useful and needs another application. The fact that nothing can be seen or that one needs Apple Application Support makes it unnecessarily complicated - even incomprehensible. Pros: None. Cons: As above

  • by Anonymous

    Good Plugin But Better Media Player Available. If your one who uses iTunes then you have Quicktime installed on your computer. The Quicktime plugin is nice for sites that require Quicktime but as an overall player there are better options like VLC Player. There are certain products that do require Quicktime and won't detect the Quicktime Alternatives as Quicktime anymore. iTunes is one of them thaMore